Mount Desert Islander advances Borns’ ice age talk in Bar Harbor

Mount Desert Islander reported Hal Borns, professor emeritus with the University of Maine Climate Change Institute and School of Earth and Climate Sciences, will speak about whether the Earth is still in an ice age during the next Acadia Senior College Food for Thought event at Birch Bay Village in Bar Harbor. Borns will speak at noon March 25. “We are in the latest of the many warm interglacials, and we were well on the way into the next glacial cycle when the man-induced (I believe) global warming set in, putting a damper on the cooling trend,” Borns said. “Here is our dilemma: If we reverse the global warming, will we then put ourselves back onto the interrupted cooling trend leading to the next glaciation? Which is worse for humanity?” The event is open to the public. The lecture is free, and a hot buffet lunch for $11 is available at 11:30 a.m. Reservations are required, and can be made by contacting the Acadia Senior College at 288.9500 or