New Research Fellow at the Center for Climate and Security – K. Miner

Kimberley Rain Miner is an IGERT fellow and PhD student at CCI/Earth Sciences where she is studying legacy pollutants in glaciers, and the risk they pose to downstream communities. She has recently become a new Research Fellow at the Center for Climate and Security, where she focuses on utilizing scenario planning and risk assessment for climate change preparedness. She works to be a knowledge broker between scientists and policy makers, developing robust models and communication tools that can be applied broadly.

The Center for Climate and Security (CCS), a non-partisan policy institute with a distinguished Advisory Board of senior retired military leaders and security professionals, envisions a climate-resilient international security landscape. This is a world which recognizes that climate change risks to security are unprecedented in human history, and does not wait for absolute certainty before acting to mitigate and adapt to those risks. To further this goal, CCS facilitates policy development processes and dialogues, provides analysis, conducts research, and acts as a resource hub in the climate and security field.