World Ocean Radio program hails CCI, Mayewski

University of Maine researcher Paul Mayewski and the Climate Change Institute are lauded in the recent World Ocean Radio program “Climate Future Planning.”

Host Peter Neill, director of the World Ocean Observatory, hails the work of Mayewski and CCI for creating a “software matrix that relates changes in the environment to plausible, scalable scenarios and plans to meet the needs of the climate future.”

The climate, says Mayewski, “impacts and imperils human and ecosystem health, food systems, energy production, the economy, geopolitics, and the future of storms, floods, droughts, wildfires, and other extreme events.”

In response, he and CCI researchers, notably Sean Birkel, have designed software that assesses and quantifies climate change, vulnerabilities and opportunities to take form as locale-specific, plausible scenarios. In 2014, the CCI unveiled its online tools — Climate Reanalyzer, 10Green and CLAS Layers — at the Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainability Conference for business people, farmers and community planners. The conference covered a variety of topics, including the northward spread of ticks and rising sea levels.

Neill says the CCI and other scientists working to understand, plan and the apply knowledge are the planet’s best hope moving forward to successfully adapt to the climate problems the planet faces. Audio and a transcript of the program are available online. Neill also wrote about Mayewski and the CCI in a related Huffington Post blog article, “Planning for our climate future.”