Mayewski Quoted in Arctic Newswire Article on Need for Collaboration

Paul Mayewski, director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, was quoted in the Arctic Newswire article, “Arctic experts warn of urgent need for collaboration.” Several speakers at a forum on Arctic issues held in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday focused on the the difficulties of communication and collaboration facing the government and scientific researchers as attention on Arctic research increases, according to the article. Researchers, policymakers and politicians agreed that the pace of climate change in the Arctic will likely result in major effects around the world, and sharing information among the many programs scattered across the federal government can be hit-or-miss, the article states. “Abrupt Arctic warming is likely just an early trigger of events that are about to come. Therefore, we need to be smart about how we develop plausible scenarios for the future and engage thinking about abrupt climate change,” Mayewski said.