CCI develops

CCI is about to launch an interactive tool  10Green  that provides a comprehensive assessment of the health of your environment.

10Green leverages decades of ice core research that has allowed us to understand how the chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere has changed as a consequence of human activities. For more details go to:

10Green uses publicly available data from U.S. environmental monitoring programs.

The 10 air quality measures represent some of the most significant threats to human health.

10Green uses the strictest health standards from those reported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, European Commission, California Environmental Protection Agency, Health Canada, and the World Health Organization to assign a health score.

Learn more about how 10Green scores are calculated, the health implications and how the health of the place you choose to investigate has changed over time.

10Green is a collaboration between the Climate Change Institute, the School of Computing and Information Sciences, and Garrand. Funding for 10Green has been provided in part by The Heinz Endowments, The University of Maine, The National Science Foundation, Garrand, and the UMaine Development Office.