Nicole Guido

Address: 206 Clapp Greenhouse

Advisor: Kate Ruskin

Affiliations:  School of Biology and Ecology  ∴  Ecology and Environmental Sciences Program


My research focuses on the nesting ecology of song birds in the mixed-grass praire of the Northern Great Plains (NGP). Native mixed-grass prairie has been subject to cropland conversion and over-grazing, restricting suitable breeding habitat for these specialist bird species. The NGP is a vast landscape, hence I intend to employ Unmanned Aerial Vehichles (UAVs), or drones, to monitor breeding habitat remotely. This will be important for understanding how specialists species may respond on a large scale to climate change as drought and erosion due to cropland conversion become an increasing issue for grasslands in the NGP.

Research Area:

Nesting Ecology of Grassland Birds in the Northern Great Plains