Mica Pugh

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Jasmine Saros

Office Location: 206A Sawyer Environmental Research Building, University of Maine, Orono, ME

Biographical Statement: Hello! I am a M.S. student in the Ecology & Environmental Sciences program. I graduated from Michigan Technological University in the Spring of 2022, with a B.S. in Applied Ecology & Environmental Science. I’ve been fortunate, as I’ve had two opportunities to lead research projects before coming to UMaine! The first focused on peatland fire history in Minnesota, and the second was a study on termites & climate change, in South Carolina. Now that I’m at UMaine, I get to study what I am most passionate about: Paleo-science

Here, I am studying failed recruitment patterns of Maine’s mayflies. To answer this, we are using a collaborative approach: I will focus on the paleo-side, while a fellow M.S. student (Serena Laros) is investigating the biological-side. Together, we aim to determine whether or not climate change is the primary driver of the population decreases in Maine.

Research Area: Paleolimnology