GISP2 Data Exchange Agreement

November 3, 1989

The location of the data repository will either be the SMO or the NSIDC in Boulder and recommendations on a decision will be made by the Executive Committee.
  1. All GISP2 data will be freely available to all GISP2 participants1.
  2. Any significant use2 of another GISP2 participantŐs unpublished data requires permission of the participant; the other participant should be consulted and involved at the earliest point possible.
  3. A pre-abstract of any work to be submitted must be sent to the SMO before submission for distribution to all participants via OMNET personal mailboxes.
  4. Failure to abide by 1 - 3, or to release data in a timely fashion, will result in censure by the Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee.
  5. All data will be available to the public for use without permission3 at a point two years from the end of deep drilling.
  6. Any GISP2 participant may exchange their own data with colleagues outside of GISP2 on an individual basis, but may not share other GISP2 participantsŐ data unless they follow number 2 above and directly specify usage.
    1. GISP2 participants are defined as any person named on a GISP2 proposal or graduate student working on GISP2 directly under a GISP2 PI. A Participant may also be anybody who applies to the Executive Committee and is accepted by them.
    2. Determination of significant use left to all our good judgement.
    3. Involvement of the other participant is still strongly preferred.