Core Usage Protocol

  1. Sampling plan styles and estimates of number of samples, portion of core required and volume of core must be submitted to the GISP2 SMO (Science Management Office) no later than February 1st of the year sampling is intended. Sampling plans are best submitted using the Sample Request Form.
  2. The SMO will integrate all sample requests in an attempt to maximize core usage and if possible, define archivable sections of core although the first priority for core material will be current need.
  3. The SMO will submit the final sampling plan to the Executive Committee for approval and then for distribution to all PIÕs.
  4. Any difference of opinion concerning changes to the sampling plan will be worked out between the SMO, as the agent for the Executive Committee (minus any involved member of the Executive Committee), and PI(s) involved.
  5. If problems arise with #4 or #5, a PI may request that either all of the GISP2 PIÕs, and/or the Advisory Committee, be involved in the decision related to this difference of opinion, but the PI should request the SMO to organize the decision making process in order to avoid confusion.
  6. Non-GISP2 PI requests for GISP2 core should be handled by the Executive Committee via the SMO. If such request infringes on GISP2 PI approved sampling an or require significant amounts of core, GISP2 PIÕs should be included in the decision making process. In case of additional complications refer to 5 above.
  7. All researchers using GISP2 core will be required to provide the SMO with a statement describing the use of analyzed samples and status of unused samples and/or portions of samples.