Pre-Holocene Rapid Climate Change
from the ARCSS/GISP2 Ice Core

Left: The Younger Dryas was an abrupt return to near glacial conditions (~7íC lower temperatures, decreased accumulation rate, decreased methane, increased atmospheric dust), that lasted approximately 1300 years, and punctuated the transition from glacial to interglacial climates. (Figure modified from Alley et al., Nature, 1992, Grootes et al., Nature, 1993 and Brook, et al., Science, 1996) Right: This high resolution calcium record from the GISP2 ice core indicates the relative amount of dust in the atmosphere over Greenland and thus documents other abrupt, frequent and massive changes in climate that characterize the glacial portion of the ice core record. (Figure modified from Mayewski et al., Science, 1993, 1994)

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