(all papers are In Press; author list, title and abstract may have changed)

Grain-scale processes, folding, and stratigraphic disturbance in the GISP2 ice core
Alley, R.B., A.J. Gow, D.A. Meese, J.J. Fitzpatrick, E.D. Waddington, and J.F. Bolzan

Visual stratigraphy of the GISP2 ice core: Basis, reproducibility, and persistence
Alley, R.B., C.A. Shuman, D.A. Meese, A.J. Gow, K.M. Cuffey, K.C. Taylor, J.J. Fitzpatrick and B. Elder.

Aspects of climate variability in the north Atlantic sector: discussion and relation to the GISP2 high resolution deuterium signal.
Barlow, L.K., Barry, R.G., Rogers, J.C., Serreze, M.C., and White, J.W.C.

Asian provenance of last-glacial maximum dust in the GISP2 ice core, Summit, Greenland.
Biscaye, P.E., F.E. Grousset, M. Revel, S. Van der Gaast, G. A. Zielinski, A. Vaars, and G. Kukla

Reconstruction of past accumulation rates from the GISP2 ice-core data.
Bolzan, J.F., N.A. Cutler, E.D. Waddington, C.F. Raymond, R.B. Alley, and D.A. Meese

Temperature, Accumulation, and Ice Sheet Elevation in central Greenland Through the Last Deglaciation Transition
Cuffey, K. M., G.D. Clow

Air-snow exchange investigations at Summit, Greenland: An overview
Dibb, J. E. and J.-L. Jaffrezo

Physical and structural properties of the GISP2 ice core
Gow, A.J., D.A. Meese, R.B. Alley, J.J. Fitzpatrick, S. Anandakrishnan, G.A. Woods and B.C. Elder

18O/16O Variability in Greenland Snow and Ice with 10-3 to 105 Yr Time
Grootes, P.M., M. Stuiver, E. Steig, K. Cuffey, J. W. C. White, L. Barlow

Seasonal variability of present-day atmospheric transport to Summit, Greenland.
Kahl, J.D.W., D.A. Martinez, H. Kuhns, C. Davidson, J.L. Jaffrezo, J.M. Harris

Measurements of in-situ 14C concentrations in GISP2, <17ky BP: implications to ice flow dynamics.
Lal, D. and A.J.T Jull

Major features and forcing of high latitude northern hemisphere atmospheric circulation over the last 110,000 years.
Mayewski, P.A., J.E. Dibb, W.B. Lyons, L.D. Meeker, M.C. Morrison, S. OŐBrien, M. Prentice, J. Putscher, J. Thomas, M.S. Twickler, C.P. Wake, S. Whitlow, Q. Yang , G. Zielinski

A Lumped Parameter Model for the Atmosphere-to-Snow Transfer Function for Hydrogen Peroxide
McConnell, J.R., R.C. Bales, J.R. Winterle, H. Kuhns, C.R. Stearns

A 110ka history of change in continental biogenic source strength and related atmospheric circulation
Meeker, L.D., P.A. Mayewski, M.S. Twickler and S.I. Whitlow

The GISP2 Depth-Age Scale: Methods and Results
Meese, D.A., A.J. Gow, R.B. Alley, P. M. Grootes, M. Ram, K.C. Taylor, G.A. Zielinski, J.F. Bolzan, P.A. Mayewski, E.D. Waddington

10Be Concentrations in the GISP2 Ice Core From 3-40 kabp.
Nishiizumi, K. and R. Finkel

Continuous dust concentration profile of pre-holocene ice from the GISP2 ice core: dust stadial, interstadials, and the Eemian.
Ram, M. and G. Koenig

Methanesulfonate in GISP2 ice core
Saltzman, E.S., Pai-Yei Whung, and P.A. Mayewski

Detection and monitoring of annual indicators and temperature trends at GISP2 using passive microwave remote sensing data.
Shuman, C.A., R.B. Alley, M.A. Fahnestock, P.J. Fawcett, R.A. Blindschadler, J.W.C. White, P.M. Grootes, S. Anandakrishnan, and C. R. Stearns

The CO2 concentration of air trapped in GISP2 ice formed during periods of rapid climate change
Smith, H.J., M. Wahlen, D. Mastoianni, D. Taylor, P.A. Mayewski.

An inter-laboratory comparison of techniques for extracting and analyzing trapped gases in ice cores
Sowers, T., E. Brook, J. Chappellaz, J. M. Barnola, T. Blunier, A. Fuchs, M. Whalen and D. Etheridge

Electrical measurements on the GISP2 core
Taylor, K., R.B. Alley, G.W. Lamorey, P.A. Mayewski

The climate signal in the stable isotopes of Summit, Greenland snow: Results of comparisons with modern climate observations.
White, J.W.C., L.K. Barlow and D. Gorodetzky

Wilson, A, and Long
A review of techniques for recovering samples of paleoatmospheres from polar ice cores.

Volcanic aerosol records and tephrochronology of the Summit, Greenland, ice cores
Zielinski, G.A., P.A. Mayewski, L.D. Meeker, K. Gršnvold, M.S. Germani, S. Whitlow, M.S. Twickler, and K. Taylor