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Welcome to the Virtual Polar Resource Center! The University of Maine has a long established history with the Arctic and Antarctic and through the years has amassed considerable polar-related collections of materials located around the University, and private collections of potential donors. Many of these items have been located, identified and cataloged. Materials include books, article reprints, paintings, sledges, Inuit clothing, models, carvings, maps, marine charts, aerial photographs, slides, films, expedition records, philatelic materials, oral histories, personal memorabilia, field journals, specimens, samples, artifacts, tools, instrumentation, and field gear. Using this site, interested parties can now search for these collections and locate individual items along with contact information should one need further access.

It is hoped that this Virtual Polar Resource Center will lead to:

  • recognition and appreciation of the University of Maine’s long-time role in the Arctic and Antarctic,

  • further items located, identified and added to the growing database, and

  • attracting other collections and materials from potential donors around the state and elsewhere

Our goal is to make this material known and accessible for researchers, students and anyone else interested in Maine Polar connections. Take a look around and let us know what you think!


Link to Database

Download PDF with Hudson Museum Holdings

Link to Catalog user instructions (keys) Sheet




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