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Bjorn Grigholm

PhD Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant

Bjorn Grigholm

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Graduate Research Assistant and IGERT Trainee

Research interests

I’m a PhD candidate at the Climate Change Institute (CCI) and the School of Earth and Climate Sciences at the University of Maine. My dissertation research focuses on investigating past climate and environmental conditions in central Asia over the last ~500-1000 years based on an array of high-resolution glaciochemical ice core time-series from alpine glaciers within NSF supported Asian Ice Core Array (AICA) program.

I use glaciochemical records (e.g. stable isotopes, major soluble ions, trace elements, and radionuclides) to date and develop proxy records for spatial and temporal reconstruction of multiple climate and environmental parameters including: atmospheric circulation, temperature, precipitation, aridity, and atmospheric chemical composition. In addition to my PhD research, I also work in the central Andes on glaciers in Peru and Chile and most recently on South Georgia Island.

I am also very interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and educational outreach. I have been involved in several joint CCI-Computer Science department projects including the development of p301, a cyber-infrastructure software for climate change data, and the 10green application, an air quality assessment website that was developed in conjunction with Portland based advertising agency Garrand.

I actively work to share climate data with the public through educational brochures, blogging, and other forms of public outreach (K-12 and community groups). I’ve created and developed a the website Ice Core Perspectives, that strives to introduce climate science to the public in an approachable way. I also am very interesting producing documentaries and have made a couple short films covering the Climate Change Institute’s ice core expeditions.


In Press

  • Mayewski P.A., Maasch K.A., Dixon D., Sneed S.B., Oglesby R., Korotkikh E., Potocki M., Grigholm B., Kreutz K., Kurbatov A.V., Spaulding N., Stager J.C., Taylor K.C., Steig E.J., White J., Bertler N.A.N., Goodwin I., Simões J.C., Jaña R., Kraus S., Fastook J. (in press) West Antarctica’s sensitivity to natural and human forced climate change over the Holocene. J. Quaternary Sci.

Additional Publications

  • Kang, S., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Y, Grigholm, B., Kaspari, S., Qin, D., Ren, J., and Mayewski, P.A., (2010) Variability of atmospheric dust loading over the central Tibetan Plateau based on ice core glaciochemistry, Atmospheric Environment, 44, 25, 2980-2989.
  • Grigholm, B., P. A. Mayewski, S. Kang, Y. Zhang, S. Kaspari, S. B. Sneed, and Q. Zhang (2009), Atmospheric soluble dust records from a Tibetan ice core: Possible climate proxies and teleconnection with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, J. Geophys. Res., 114, D20118, doi:10.1029/2008JD011242.

    For more information: Download file (PDF)

  • Grigholm, B., Mayewski, P.A,, Kurbatov, A.V., Casassa, G., Contreras Staeding, A., Handley, M., Sneed, S.B. and Introne, D.S. (2009), Chemical composition of fresh snow from Marinelli Glacier, Tierra del Fuego, Chile, Journal of Glaciology, 55, 193, 769-776(8).

    For more information: Download file (PDF)

  • Aizen, V.B., Mayewski, P. A., Aizen, E. M., Joswiak, D. R., Surazakov, A. B.; Kaspari, S.,Grigholm, B, Krachler, M., Handley, M., Alexander, F. (2009) Stable-isotope and trace element time series from Fedchenko glacier (Pamirs) snow/firn cores, Journal of Glaciology, 55, 190, 275-291(17).
  • Wang, Y., Hou, S., Grigholm, B., and Song, L. (2009) An improved method for modeling spatial distribution of ?D in surface snow over Antarctic ice sheet, Chinese Geographical Science, 19, 2, 120-125, DOI: 10.1007/s11769-009-0120-2
  • Zhang, Y., Kang. S, Qin, D Grigholm, B., Mayewski, P.A. (2007) Changes in annual accumulation retrieved from Geladaindong ice core and its relationship to atmospheric circulation over the Tibetan Plateau Chinese Science Bulletin 2007, 52(23) 3261-3266 DOI: 10.1007/s11434-007-0439-y
  • Kang. S, Zhang, Y., Qin, D., Ren, J., Zhang, Q. Grigholm, B., and Mayewski, P.A. (2007) Recent temperature increase recorded in an ice core in the source region of Yangtze River. Chinese Science Bulletin, 52, 6, 825-831, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-007-0140-1
  • Zhang, Y., Kang. S, Qin, D., Ren, J. Zhang, Y., Grigholm, B., Mayewski, P.A. (2007) Seasonal air temperature variations retrieved from a Geladaindong ice core, Tibetan Plateau Journal of Geographical Sciences, 17, 4, 431-441, DOI: 10.1007/s11442-007-0431-0
  • Zhang, Y, Kang. S,, Qin, D. Grigholm, B., and Mayewski, P.A. (2007) Changes in annual accumulation retrieved from Geladaindong ice core and its relationship to atmospheric circulation over the Tibetan Plateau Chinese Science Bulletin, 52, 23, 3261-3266, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-007-0439-y


2007 M.S. University of Maine, 2001 B.S. University of Connecticut

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