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Scott Braddock

M.S. Earth Science / Research Assistant

Scott Braddock

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Research interests

Current research focuses on a reconstruction of Holocene ocean temperature and meltwater variations in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica through stable isotope analysis of mollusk shells. This project aims to help answer the question of a synchronous or asynchronous climate pattern between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres in Holocene time. Other research interests include glacial geology and climate sciences.

Past research has also involved projects in structural geology and sedimetology. Recently, I worked on a research project using ground-penetrating radar to observe englacial stratigraphy and improve mass balance estimations on the Juneau Icefield, Alaska.


  • Braddock, S., and Evans, M., 2012, Fracture patterns and paleo-overburden along a retrodeformed cross-section across the Pennsylvania salient, Geol. Soc. America Abstracts with Programs.

    For more information: Read abstract

  • Wizevich, M.C., and Braddock, S., 2012, Towards the differentiation of three volcaniclastic units in southwestern Utah, results of petrographic and geochemical analyses, Geol. Soc. America Abstracts and Programs.

    For more information: Read abstract

  • Braddock, S.S., Boucher, A., Sandler, H., McNeil, C., Campbell, S.W., Kreutz, K. J. Accumulation Rate Variability and Winter Mass Balance Estimates using High Frequency Ground-Penetrating Radar and Snow Pit Stratigraphy on the Juneau Icefield, Alaska. American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, 2012

    For more information: Read abstract


B.S. Earth Sciences, Central Connecticut State University

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