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Maureen Correll

PhD Candidate

Maureen Correll

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(207) 581-2573

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204 Clapp Greenhouse
School of Biology and Ecology 
Orono, ME  04473


I am a PhD candidate advised by Dr. Brian Olsen in the School of Biology and Ecology and Tom Hodgman at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. I work as a collaborator on the Saltmarsh Habitat and Avian Research Program (SHARP), a long-term, regional monitoring effort for tidal marsh communities of the northeast.  I am also a fellow in the Adaptation to Abrupt Climate Change IGERT program. When I'm not at school I like to hike, practice acroyoga, and run around with my dog.

Research interests

My research focuses on the biogeography of tidal marshbird populations in coastal New England and mid-Atlantic states. My research explores avian population and habitat change under landscape scale-stressors such as sea-level rise and extreme storm events. I am also developing remote sensing techniques to create a region-wide map of tidal marsh vegetation to use in conservation work at the landscape scale.


  • Swaddle, J. P., Cathey, M. G., Correll, M. and Hodkinson, B. D. 2005. Socially transmitted mate preferences in a monogamous bird: a non-genetic mechanism of sexual selection. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences. 272, p. 1053-1058.

    For more information: Download file (PDF)

  • Loizi, H., M. Correll, A. Gray, T.E. Goodwin, L.E.L. Rasmussen & B.A. Schulte, 2005. A Study of Chemotactile Behaviors by Male and Female African Elephants in Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa. The Proceedings of the Symposium on Human-Elephant Relationships and Conflicts (Jayantha Jayewardene, ed.). Colombo, Sri Lanka. International Elephant Foundation & Biodiversity & Elephant Conservation Trust. p. 228.

    For more information: Download file (PDF)

  • Schulte, B.A., Loizi, H., Bagley, K., Gray, A., Stanley, L., Correll, M., Goodwin, T., Brown, P.,Davis, B., Dill, W., Dowdy, N., Hicks, A., Morshedi, R., Mwanza, D., and Rasmussen, L.E.L. 2005. Elephant Chemotactile Communication and Conservation. Journal of Elephant Managers Association. 15:1, p. 16-23.

    For more information: Download file (PDF)


BS The College of William and Mary 2003

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