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Kristin Sobolik

Adjunct Professor, Climate Change Institute; Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Kristin Sobolik

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University of Missouri-St. Louis
1 University Blvd 
St. Louis, MO  63121

Research interests

My main research interests involve reconstructing prehistoric diet, health, and nutrition using biological remains from archaeological sites, with areal focus in arid regions of the world.  Selected Publications Below:


  • Tito, Raul Y., Dan Kights, Jessica Metcalf, Alexandra J. Obregon-Tito, Lauren Cleeland, Fares Najar, Bruce Roe, Karl Reinhard, Kristin Sobolik, Samuel Belknap, Morris Foster, Paul Spicer, Rob Knight, Cecil M. Lewis, Jr.
    2012 Insights from Characterizing Extinct Human Gut Microbiomes. PloS one 7(12):e51146.
  • Tito, Raul Y., Samuel L. Belknap III, Kristin D. Sobolik, Robert C. Ingraham, Lauren M. Cleeland, and Cecil M. Lewis, Jr. 2011. DNA from early Holocene American dog. American Journal of Physical Anthroplogy. 145(4):653-657.
  • Sutton, Mark Q., Kristin D. Sobolik, and Jill Gardner. 2010. Paleonutrtion. University of Arizona Press, Tucson, AZ, 369 p.
  • Sobolik, Kristin D. 2003. Archaeobiology. Altamira Press.
  • Poinar, Hendrik N., Melanie Kuch, Kristin D.Sobolik, Ian Barnes, Artur B. Stankiewicz, Tomasz Kuder, W. Geofferey Spaulding, Vaughn M. Bryant, Alan Cooper, and Svante Pääbo 2001. A molecular analysis of dietary diversity for three archaic Native Americans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98(8), 4317-4322.
  • Mead, Jim I., Arthur E. Spiess, and Kristin D. Sobolik 2000. Skeleton of Extinct North American Sea Mink (Mustela macrodon). Quaternary Research 53:247-262
  • Sobolik, Kristin D. 1996. Lithic Organic Residue Analysis: An Example from the Southwestern Archaic. Journal of Field Archaeology 23:461-469.
  • Sobolik, Kristin D., Kristen J. Gremillion, Patricia Whitten, Patty Jo Watson 1996. Sex Determination of Prehistoric Human Paleofeces. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 101(2):283-290.
  • Gremillion, Kristen J. and Kristin D. Sobolik 1996. Dietary Variability Among Prehistoric Forager-Farmers of Eastern North America. Current Anthropology 37(3):529-539.
  • Sobolik, Kristin D. and D. Gentry Steele 1996. An Atlas of Turtles to Facilitate Archaeological Identifications. The Mammoth Site, Inc., Hot Springs, South Dakota.
  • Sobolik, Kristin D. (ed.) 1994. Paleonutrition: The Diet and Health of Prehistoric Americans. Center for Archaeological Investigations Occasional Paper Series 22, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.


Ph.D. Anthropology, Texas A&M University; M.A. Anthropology, Texas A&M University; B.S. Biology, University of Iowa

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