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Kristin Ditzler Strock

Kristin Ditzler Strock

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127 Sawyer Environmental Research Center
Orono, ME  04469

Research interests

My research focuses on the multiple direct and indirect effects of climate change and atmospheric deposition on aquatic ecosystems.  I use both modern and paleoecological techniques to explore these questions over multiple scales of space and time. My dissertation research explores two key pathways by which climate affects aquatic ecosystems: rapid direct transfer of energy to a system by irradiance, heat and wind, and changes in precipitation and influx of dissolved substances from the catchment.  In the northeastern U.S., I explored the role of extreme weather in altering biogeochemical processes, thus confounding long-term trends of recovery to acidification.  In the midwest U.S. and southwest Greenland, I used diatom records to reconstruct climate-mediated change in physical lake habitat for thousands of years and modern experimentation to better understand the ecological relationships between diatom species and lake mixing.  For my Master’s degree, I paired modern and paleoecological techniques to study the cascading effects resulting from the introduction of a generalist fish species, white perch.


M.S. Ecology and Environmental Science - University of Maine 2010; B.S. Biology - James Madison University 2006

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