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Harold Borns

Professor Emeritus, Climate Change Institute & School of Earth and Climate Sciences

Harold Borns

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224 Bryand Global Science Center
University of Maine 
Orono, ME  04469

Research interests

Founder and Director, Climate Change Institute (formerly Institute for Quaternary Studies), University of Maine, 1974-1988


  • Borns, H.W., 2007, Maine's Ice Age Trail: Down East - A Map and Guide, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine, Orono
  • Borns, H.W., Jr., Hall, B., Nurse, A., and Thompson, W., 2007. Is Bolling warming recorded by the southeastern margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet? Geological Society of America, NE Meeting, Durham, NH (abstract).
  • Borns, H.W., Jr., Dorner, L.A., Dorion, C.C., Jacobson, G.L., Kaplan, M.R., Kreutz, K.J., Lowell, T.V., Thompson, W.B., and Weddle, T.K., 2004. Deglaciation of Maine, USA, in J. Ehlers and P. Gibbard, eds., Quaternary Glaciation-Extent and Chronology, Part II. Elsevier, pp. 89-109.
  • Ackert, R.P., Barclay, D.J., Borns, H.W., Jr., Calkin, P.E., Kurz, M.D., Fastook, J., and Steig, E.J., 1999. Measurements of past ice sheet fluctuations in interior West Antarctica. Science, v. 286, p.276-280.
  • Ackert, R.P., Barclay, D.J., Borns, H.W., Jr., Calkin, P.E., and Kurz, M.D., 1998. Late Pleistocene ice surface elevation in interior West Antarctica: Surface exposure chronology from Mt. Waesche, EOS, v, 79 (17), p. S81.
  • Borns, H.W., Jr., Dorion C., Calkin, P.E., Wiles, G.C. and Barclay, D., 1995. Evidence for thicker ice in interior West Antarctica. Antarctic Journal, v. 10, p. 101.
  • Stone, B.D., Borns, H.lW., Jr., 1986. Pleistocene glacial and interglacial stratigraphy of New England, Long Island, and adjacent Georges Bank and Gulf of Maine, Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 5, p.39-52.
  • Thompson, W.B., Borns, H.W., eds. 1985. Surficial Geological Map of Maine. Maine Geol. Survey, Augusta, Maine, Scale 1:500,000.
  • Stuiver, M., Borns, H.W., 1975. Late Quaternary marine invasion in Maine: its chronology and associated crustal movement. Geological Society of America Bulleting, v. 86, p. 99-100.


B.S., Geology, Tufts University, 1951 M.A., Geology, Boston University, 1955 Ph.D., Geology, Boston University, 1959 Postdoctoral Fellow in Glacial and Quaternary Geology, Yale University, 1963-64

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