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Gordon Oswald

Research Professor, Climate Change Institute

Gordon Oswald

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68 Back Shore Road
Castine, ME  04421


I am a research professor interested in the analysis of radar survey data to determine basal conditions of ice sheets.

Research interests

With a background in radar surveys of ice sheets and their beds, sea ice, and temperate glacier ice, and after 30 years of radar work in private industry, I joined the Institute to apply new methods of analysis and extract greater detail from polar radar sensors. My research interest is in interface features of ice sheets, as they relate to stability and change. The presence, extent and flow of subglacial water provide my present focus, with associated study of internal layering and deep ice flow, deformation and erosion.


  • Oswald, G. K. A. and Gogineni, S. P., 2008. Recovery of subglacial water extent from Greenland radar survey data J. Glaciol., 54, No. 184 94-106, 2008

    For more information: Download file (PDF)

  • Oswald, G. K. A., 1975. Investigation of sub-ice bedrock characteristics by radio-echo sounding J. Glaciol. 15, No. 73, pp75-87, 1975.
  • Oswald, G. K. A. and Robin G. de Q., 1973. Lakes beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet Nature, Vol 245, 5 October 1973

    For more information: Download file (PDF)


Worcester College, Oxford and Clare Hall, Cambridge

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