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Ellyn Enderlin

Research Assistant Professor, Climate Change Institute & School of Earth and Climate Sciences

Ellyn Enderlin

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(610) 703-6599

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300E Bryand Global Sciences Center
Climate Change Institute 
Orono, ME  04469


I've always been really interested in the various aspects of the Earth system and got hooked on glaciology when I was asked to assistant in a field campaign in the Andes in Peru as an undergraduate. Although my focus shfited from small mountain glaciers to one of the largert ice sheets on Earth (Greenland) in graduate school, I remained incredibly interested in developing a better understanding of modern glacier change as a whole. My recent research projects have focused on developing novel approaches to figure out why some glaciers are more sensitive to climate change than others. A major goal of these projects is to understand feedbacks within glacier systems and between glaciers and the atmosphere and oceans. I hope that the results of these studies will lead to more accurate models of glacier change in a warming climate and therefore better-informed decisions regarding strategies for adaptation to climate change.

Research interests

My research focuses primarily on investigating rapid changes in the behavior of marine-terminating glaciers using a wide variety of in situ and remote sensing observations and numerical modeling. I'm particularly interested in understanding why the sensitivity of glaciers to climate change can vary widely between neighboring glaciers. Many of the data that are needed to understand glacier behavior are impossible to collect, including observations where the glaciers contact the underlying rock and where they meet the ocean, so my research often involves finding new ways to use remotely-sensed data to study the glacier systems. Although my current projects focus on ice-ocean interactions and rapid changes in marine-terminating glacier behavior, I'm interested in glaciers spanning the globe and in exploring feedbacks between glaciers and the solid Earth, atmosphere, oceans, and ecosystems.


I'm currently co-chair of the US National Committee of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (USAPECS;, which hosts in-person events at US conferences and a variety of online activities. I also really enjoy speaking to local grade-school students about glaciers, climate change, remote sensing, geophysics, etc. and I'm happy to give a presentation or lead an interactive activity if you email me!


Ph.D. The Ohio State University 2013

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