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Daniel Belknap

Emeritus Professor, Climate Change Institute & School of Earth and Climate Sciences

Daniel Belknap

Contact Information



111 Edward T. Bryand Global Sciences Center
Orono, ME  0446-5741

Research interests

My research is interdisciplinary, combining stratigraphy, sedimentology, Quaternary paleoclimates and geoarchaeology. My main research themes have included sea-level change, coastal plain stratigraphy, deglaciation on the Gulf of Maine, and coastal geoarchaeology. Present studies include nearshore and inner shelf sedimentation and stratigraphy, coastal sediment processes and geomorphology, salt marsh environments, and effects of deglacial isostasy on coastal and lake systems. The University of Maine marine sedimentology working group has a suite of primary research tools including seismic reflection profilers, side-scan sonar, vibracorers, sedimentology laboratory, and acoustic current meters. A new departure this year will be the addition of Ground Penetrating Radar to our suite of equipment.


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Ph.D. University of Delaware

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