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Bradfield Lyon

Associate Research Professor, Climate Change Institute and School of Earth and Climate Sciences

Bradfield Lyon

Contact Information

(207) 581-2241

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137 Sawyer Environmental Research Center
University of Maine 
Orono, ME  04469

Research interests

My research is focused on gaining a better physical understanding of the drivers of major climate fluctuations and climate extremes on timescales ranging from sub-seasonal to long-term climate change.  This includes examining the roles of internal dynamics, tropical-extratropical and Arctic-midlatitude interactions and atmospheric interactions with the land surface in generating observed climate extremes such as drought and heat waves.  These studies utilize a wide range of climate observations, climate model output and idealized climate model experiments.  I am also interested in exploring the impacts of climate variations and climate change on society, including the energy, water and agriculture sectors.


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  • 2017 to 2020 — $738,910.00 — Coupled Model Biases in the SST Distribution of the Global Tropics and Their Influence on Climate Change Projections from National Science Foundation


Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1991

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