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Climate Change Institute

Paul Andrew Mayewski

Director & Distinguished Maine Professor, Climate Change Institute; School of Earth & Climate Sciences; School of Marine Sciences; School of Policy and International Affairs

Paul Andrew Mayewski

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133 Sawyer Research Center
Orono, ME  04469-5741


Explorer, Glaciologist, Climate Scientist

Exploration Highlights (selected): Leader of more than 55 expeditions to Antarctica, the Arctic, Himalayas, Tibetan Plateau, Tierra del Fuego, and the Andes

  • ·Leader of the first expedition into Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica and the first glaciological expedition to Nun Kun Massif, Ladakh, Indian Himalayas.
  • ·Leader of the first multi-disciplinary oversnow scientific expedition to the South Pole through West and East Antarctica.
  • ·Many first ascents of mountains and record for surface travel over unexplored Antarctic territory.

Research Highlights (more than 350 scientific publications)

  • ·Documented changes in atmospheric chemistry produced naturally and by humans.
  • ·Early discovery of recent Antarctic and Himalayan ice loss.
  • ·Discovered behavior of abrupt climate change events in the atmosphere.
  • ·Developed integrated understanding of multiple controls on climate and the unique role of human impact on climate.
  • ·Pioneered use of instrumentally calibrated ice core records back hundreds of years including global reconstruction of past atmospheric circulation conditions.
  • ·Demonstrated associations between climate and disruptions to civilization.

Major Scientific Projects Organized and Led (selected)

  • GISP2 (Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 - 25 American institutions)
  • ITASE (International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition - 21 nations)
  • Polar  Tropical Connections - 10 nations
  • AIRMAP (Atmospheric Investigation Regional Mapping and Prediction (multi-disciplinary).

Honors (selected)

Inaugural international Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research awarded by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research; The International Glaciology Society Seligman Crystal (highest in the field of glaciology); Mayewski Peak, Antarctica; Honorary Doctorate Stockholm University; Fellow, Honoree, Lowell Thomas Medal from Explorers Club; Fellow, American Geophysical Union; Fellow, American Society for the Advancement of Science; Distinguished University of Maine Professor; Academic Member, Joint Key Laboratory of Cryosphere and Environment (Chinese Academy of Sciences); Honorary Research Associate Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand, Maine Environmental Hero, private audience Forbidden City (Beijing).

Featured Events (selected)

Keynote speaker >300 academic, state, public and private events in North and South America, South Pacific, Europe, Asia, Arctic, Antarctica such as: The Forbidden City (Beijing, China), Young Presidents Organization, Explorers Club, Telluride Film Festival, Boston Museum of Science, Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, American Museum of Natural History, ST Lee New Zealand, American Defense University Africa Center.

More than 350 prominent media appearances including: American Museum of Natural History, Boston Museum of Science, Boston Globe, LA Times, NY Times, Christian Science Monitor, Harpers, Discover, Popular Science, Archeology Magazine, Good Morning America, WNET Thirteen (Secrets of the Dead – The Lost Vikings), NOVA (eg. Mammoths of the Ice Age, 1995; The Last Extinction 2008), BBC (eg. The Maya Collapse, 2002), NPR Fresh Air (1993, 2002), Diane Rhem Show (2006), Fox News Climate Special (2005), CBS 60 Minutes (“Arctic Warning”, 2006; “The Age of Warming”, 2007), Stonehaven Productions, Montreal (“After the Warming”, 2005, “The Last Glaciers”), Voice of America Radio (African climate). 

Popular Climate Change Books

  • “The Ice Chronicles” (2002, Mayewski and F. White)
  • “Journey Into Climate – Adventure, Exploration and the Unmasking of Human Innocence” (2011, Mayewski and M.C. Morrison).


Publications (>330) – sorted alphabetically (A-Z)

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