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Molly Schauffler

Assistant Research Professor, School of Earth & Climate Sciences

Molly Schauffler

Contact Information

(207) 581-2707

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Climate Change Institute
316 Bryand Global Sciences Bldg. 
Orono, ME  04469

Research interests

Currently I conduct education research in overlapping areas of environmental science and mathematics education.  I am particularly interested in understanding how middle and high school students (and teachers) work with data (the math part) to understand how environments are changing. What do students do when given a tabular data set?  How do they think about variability? How do they decide how to summarize a data set, or which measure of center to use?  How do students interpret time series data or a scatterplot showing correlation? How can teachers incorporate real data into science teaching so that students are motivated to investigate and understand the changes that are taking place around them?


  • Schauffler, M., S. Vidito, S., Johnson, K., G. L. Jacobson, Jr., J. S. Kahl, 2005. Paleoecological history of forest disturbance in two upland watersheds in Acadia National Park. Chapter in Establishing paired gauged watersheds at Acadia National Park for long-term research on acidic deposition, nitrogen saturation, forest health, and mercury biogeochemistry (1998-2002), J. S. Kahl et al., Eds.
  • Davis, R. B., D. S. Anderson, S. S. Dixit, M. Schauffler, P. G. Appleby, 2005. Responses of two New Hampshire (USA) lakes to human impacts in recent centuries. Journal of Paleolimnology, in press.
  • Lindbladh, M., G. L. Jacobson, Jr., M. Schauffler 2003. The postglacial history of three Picea species in New England, USA. Quaternary Research
  • Schauffler, M. and G. L. Jacobson Jr., 2002. Persistence of coastal spruce refugia during the Holocene in northern New England, USA, detected by stand-scale pollen stratigraphies, Journal of Ecology 90: 235-250.
  • Schauffler, M., G. L. Jacobson, Jr., S. A. Norton, A. L. Pugh IV. 1996. Capture of road-salt aerosols in an acidic peatland in central Maine. Ecological Applications 6: 263.


Community Service

  • 2005 — Board of Directors, Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition
  • 2010 — Maine Community Foundation - Waldo Co Fund
  • 2010 — Penobscot Bay STEM Teachers Collaborative


  • 2008 to 2011 — $224,970.00 — Connecting Climate to Curriculum from Maine Dept. of Education - MSP
  • 2009 — $2,000.00 — Climate change education outreach from Sophron Foundation
  • 2010 to 2013 — $224,846.00 — Data Literacy from Maine Dept. of Education- MSP


Ph.D. Plant Science, University of Maine; MS Botany, University of Maine; BS Botany, University of Massachusetts (Amherst)

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