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Michael Peterson

Professor, Climate Change Institute & Mechanical Engineering

Michael Peterson

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208 Boardman Hall
Orono, ME  04469

Research interests

Mick Peterson is the Libra Foundation Professor of Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Maine.  Mick grew up in Leadville Colorado and watched the start of a transition from a resource to services based economy which is ongoing in Maine.  He received his BS degree from General Motors Institute and did graduate work at Cornell University and Yale University and received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Northwestern University.  After completion of his undergraduate degree he worked for General Motors and later for General Dynamic doing submarine acoustics work.  He has spent his academic career working in both areas of science and engineering as well as working extensively with private companies in his research.  His teaching efforts focus on the applications of engineering principles to design problems from the real world.  From his academic work he has received 3 patents, published more than 50 refereed journal publications and more than 100 conference proceedings.  Most importantly he has advised 35 graduate students who have gone on to start businesses and build careers that have strengthened the technical workforce.  He has been on the faculty of University of Maine since 1999, fulfilling a long held dream of living in the most beautiful state in America. 


In 2007 Mick met with a broad range of faculty at the University of Maine to look at what the university could do to support tidal energy and alternative energy in Maine.  The tidal energy work complements long term collaboration on heat pumps and energy conservation in Maine.  However, tidal energy has a unique potential in Maine and was being considered seriously by private companies as an investment opportunity.  Out of this effort grew the Maine Tidal Power Initiative, a research group that was initially supported by Ocean Renewable Power Company, but now receives support from private as well as federal funding.  The focus of this effort is to understand the opportunities and risks for Maine in this area and to ensure that investments made benefit the people and employers of Maine.  Current work with the Climate Change Insitutue is focused on measuring the carbon footprint in schools, buiinesses and homes and working to build a system which can provide support for rational investment decisions for renewable energy and energy conservation.


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Ph.D. Northwestern University

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