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Brian Robinson

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Brian Robinson

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In Press

  • Robinson, Brian S. In press. Ritual and Archaeological Visibility in the Far Northeast of North America, for the Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion. Oxford University Press.
  • Robinson, Brian S. and Jennifer C. Ort. In press. Paleoindian and Archaic Period Traditions: Particular Explanations from New England, in Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology as Historical Process, edited by Kenneth E. Sassaman and Donald H. Holly, Jr. Amerind Studies in Archaeology, University of Arizona Press.
  • Robinson, Brian S. In press Bull Brook and Debert: the Original Large Paleoindian Sites in Northeast North America. In Ta'n Wetapeksi'k: Understanding from Where We Come. Truro, Nova Scotia: Eastern Woodland Publishing.

Additional Publications

  • Robinson, Brian S., 2010, Microblades and Seasonality: Settlement Patterns in the Tangle Lakes Region of Alaska. The Review of Archaeology, 29:21-40.
  • Robinson, Brian S., Jennifer C. Ort, William E. Eldridge, Adrian L. Burke and Bertrand G. Pelletier, 2009 , Paleoindian Aggregation and Social Context at Bull Brook. American Antiquity 74(3): 423- 447.
  • Robinson, Brian S., George L. Jacobson Jr., Martin Yates, Arthur. Spiess and Ellen. Cowie, 2009, Atlantic Salmon, Archaeology and Climate Change in New England. Journal of Archaeological Science 36:2184-2191.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 2008, Archaic Period Traditions of New England and the Northeast. In The New Archaic: Special Issue of the SAA Archaeological Record 8(5):23-26.
  • Pelletier, Bertrand G., Brenda Hall and Brian Robinson, 2007, Evaluating Paleoindian Settlement in Relation to Pleistocene Lake Levels at Munsungun Lake, Northern Maine, USA. In Reconstructing Human-Landscape Interactions, edited by Lucy Wilson, Pam Dickenson and Jason Jeandron, pp.125-140. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, New Castle.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 2007, A Fish Weir for the Ages, in Newport, Maine. Memories of Maine Magazine, edited by David Branch, March Issue.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 2006, Burial Ritual, Technology, and Cultural Landscape in the Far Northeast: 8600-3700 B.P. in The Archaic of the Far Northeast, edited by David Sanger and Priscilla Renouf, pp. 341-381. University of Maine Press, Orono.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 2006, Mackowski Farm Site, in Glacial and Archaeological Features of the Penobscot Lowland, Central Maine, Guidebook for the 69th annual field conference, of the Northeastern Friends of the Pleistocene, June 2-4, 2006, Orono.
  • Robinson, Brian S. and William Eldridge, 2005, Debating Bull Brook, 1965-1972. Bulletin of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society 66(2):67-75.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 2005, A Tale of Four Archaic Period Shell Middens on the Gulf of Maine. The Review of Archaeology 26(1): 30-34.
  • Pelletier, Betrand G. and Brian S. Robinson, 2005, Tundra, Ice and a Pleistocene Cape on the Gulf of Maine: A Case of Paleoindian Transhumance. Archaeology of Eastern North America 33:163-176.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 2003, Multiple Boundaries of the Moorehead Burial Tradition. Northeast Anthropology 66:15-28.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 2003, Population Fluctuation, Climatic Events, and Culture History in the Northeast: Review of Fiedel. The Review of Archaeology 24(1):56-61.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 2001, Burial Ritual: Groups and Boundaries on the Gulf of Maine: 8600 - 3800 B.P. Ph.D. dissertation, Anthropology Department, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Bluistain, Malinda S., Margaret A. Leveque and Brian S. Robinson, 1999, Two Fossilized Late Archaic Textiles from Maine: Pyrite Pseudomorphs from the Hartford Cemetery Site. Archaeology of Eastern North America 27:185-196.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 1998, Gulf of Maine Archaic Tradition. In Archaeology of Prehistoric Native America: An Encyclopedia, edited by Guy Gibbon and Kenneth Ames. Garland Reference Library of the Humanities. Vol. 1537.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 1996, Archaic Period Burial Patterning in Northeastern North America. In Contributions to the Archaeology of Northeastern North America, edited by Brian S. Robinson, Special Issue of Review of Archaeology 17(1): 33-44.
  • Robinson, Brian S., Frederick H. West, and Douglas R. Reger, 1996, Ravine Lake Locality. In American Beginnings, edited by Frederick H. West, pp. 438-443. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 1996, Projectile Points, Other Diagnostic Things and Culture Boundaries in the Gulf of Maine Region. The Maine Archaeological Society Bulletin 36(2):1-24.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 1996, A Regional Analysis of the Moorehead Burial Tradition: 8500-3700 B.P. Archaeology of Eastern North America 24:95-148.
  • West, Frederick H., Brian S. Robinson and R. Greg Dixon, 1996, Sparks Point. In American Beginnings, edited by Frederick H. West, pp. 394-398. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.
  • West, Frederick H., Brian S. Robinson and Constance West, 1996, Whitmore Ridge. In American Beginnings, edited by Frederick H. West, pp. 386-394, University of Chicago Press, Chicago.
  • West, Frederick H., Brian S. Robinson and Mary Lou Curran, 1996, Phipps Site. In American Beginnings, edited by Frederick H. West, pp. 381-386. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.
  • Petersen, James B., Brian S. Robinson, Dan. F. Belknap, James Stark and Laurence Kaplan, 1994, An Archaic and Woodland Period Fish Weir Complex in Central Maine. Archaeology of Eastern North America 22:197-222.
  • Robinson, Brian S. and James B. Petersen, 1993, Perceptions of Marginality: The Case of the Early Holocene in Northern New England. Northeastern Anthropology 46:61-75.
  • Robinson, Brian S., James B. Petersen and Ann K. Robinson (editors), 1992, Early Holocene Occupation in Northern New England. Occasional Publications in Maine Archaeology 9. Maine Historic Preservation Commission, Augusta.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 1992, Early and Middle Archaic Period Occupation in the Gulf of Maine Region: Mortuary and Technological Patterning. In Early Holocene Occupation in Northern New England, edited by Brian Robinson, James Petersen and Ann K. Robinson, Occasional Publications in Maine Archaeology 9:63-117. Maine Historic Preservation Commission, Augusta.
  • Robinson, Brian S. and Charles E. Bolian, 1987, A Preliminary Report on the Rocks Road Site (Seabrook Station): Late Archaic to Contact Period Occupation in Seabrook, New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Archeologist 28 (1):19-51.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 1986, A Guide to Rhode Island Archaeological Collections. Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Brown University, Bristol, Rhode Island.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 1985, An Intertidal Archaeological Survey of the Scarborough Marsh. Maine Archaeological Society Bulletin 25: 17-40.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 1985, The Nelson Island and Seabrook Marsh Sites: Late Archaic, Marine-Oriented People on the Central New England Coast. Occasional Publications in Northeastern Anthropology 9:1-104.
  • Thomas, Peter A. and Brian S. Robinson, 1980, The John's Bridge Site (VT-FR-69): An Early Archaic Period Site in Northwestern Vermont. Department of Anthropology, University of Vermont, Report No. 28.
  • Robinson, Brian S., 1976, The Seabrook Tidal Marsh Site: A Preliminary Report. New Hampshire Archeologist 19:1-7.
  • Robinson, Brian S. and Jennifer C. Ort. Submitted. Spatial Organization at the Bull Brook Site. For In The Eastern Fluted Point Tradition edited by Joseph A.M. Gingerich.

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