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Andrea Nurse

Paleoecology Research Associate, Climate Change Institute

Andrea Nurse

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206 Sawyer Research Building
Climate Change Institute 
Orono, ME  04469


Paleoecology research associate specializing in pollen and plant macrofossil analyses for northeastern North America, northern Europe and arctic regions and in moisture balance (lake level) analysis. Field experience in coring lakes and wetlands, monitoring rare plant sites, providing research support in eastern forests and western alpine regions, and bee pollen identification. Adjunct lecturer in climate change and Maine surficial geology at University of Maine Farmington.



  • Saros, J.E., Rose, K.C., Clow, D.W., Stephens, V.C., Nurse, A.M., Arnett, H.A., Stone, J.R., Williamson, C.E., Wolfe, A.P., 2010. Melting Alpine Glaciers enrich High-Elevation Lakes with Reactive Nitrogen. Environmental Science Technology 44, 4891-4896.

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Additional Publications

  • Commerford, J.L., Grimm, E.C., Morris, C.J., Nurse, A., Stefanova, I., McLauchlan, K.K. 2018. Regional Journal of Climatology 38, 1794-1807.

    For more information: Download file (PDF)

  • Nurse, A., Reavie, E., Ladwig, J., Yost, C. 2017. Pollen and phytolith paleoecology in the St. Louis River Estuary, Minnesota, USA, with special consideration of Zizania palustris L. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 246, p. 216-231.

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  • Dieffenbacher-Krall, A., Borns, H., Nurse, A., Langley, G., Birkel, S., Cwynar, L., Doner, L., Dorion, C., Fastook, J., Jacobson, J., Sayles, C.2016. Younger Dryas Paleoenvironments and Ice Dynamics in Northern Maine: A Multiproxy Case History. Northeast Naturalist 23 (1), p. 67-87.

    For more information: Download file (PDF)

  • Williams, J.J., Beutel, M., Nurse, A., Moore, B., Hampton, S.E., Saros, J.E., Phytoplankton responses to nitrogen enrichment in Pacific Northwest, USA Mountain Lakes,Hydrobiologia, DOI 10.1007/s10750-016-2758-y.

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  • Nurse, A.M. and Hayward, S. 2013. Cypripedium arietinum Ait.f.: species abundance and vitality in Maine, (in Mollicone, M., Doucette, E., Gottlieb, M., Spaulding, D., Pope, R. editors) Bulletin of the Josselyn Botanical Society 14, 37-44.
  • Barton, A.M., Nurse, A.M., Michaud, K., Hardy, S.W. 2010. Use of CART Analysis to Differentiate Pollen of Red Pine (Pinus resinosa) and Jack Pine (P. banksiana) in New England. Quarternary Research, in press.

    For more information: Download file (PDF)

  • Köster, D., Lichter, J., Lea, P.D., and Nurse, A. 2007: Historical eutrophication in a river-estuary complex in mid-coast Maine. Ecological Applications 17(3), 765-778.

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  • Dieffenbacher-Krall, A. and Nurse, A. 2005: Late-glacial and Holocene record of lake levels of Mathews Pond and Whitehead Lake, Northern Maine, USA. Journal of Paleolimnology 34, 283-310.

    For more information: Download file (PDF)

  • Nurse, A. 2003: 12,000-year record of lake-level and vegetation change at Mathews Pond, Piscataquis County, Maine, USA. Masters of Science Thesis, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine, Orono, ME.


M.S in Quaternary Science, UM Climate Change Institute; MBA, Thomas College

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