Lab Members

Graduate Students

Kristin Strock (Ph.D):
My research explores the ecological consequences of interactive effects of climate change and air pollution on lakes in northern landscapes.


Kristin in the woods

Krista Slemmons (Ph.D.):
My research involves investigating the influence of glacial meltwater runoff and climate change on structuring diatom communities in alpine lakes, specifically in the Northern and Central Rocky Mountains. I am particularly interested in comparing the species diversity and primary productivity through time in glacially-fed versus snow-fed lakes.

Heera Malik (Ph.D.):
I am investigating how light, temperature, and nutrients interact to shape diatom community structure.


Kate Warner (Masters):
I conduct research on glacially-fed lakes and streams in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana, and investigate how glacially-derived nitrogen subsidies affect these ecosystems.

Kelsey Boeff (Masters):
My research focuses on using fossil diatom records to reconstruct climate-driven changes in Maine’s lake ecosystems.
Rob Brown (Masters):
My research focuses on the ecological implications of increasing concentrations of dissolved organic carbon in Maine’s lakes.

Undergraduate Students

Carl Tugend (Zoology):
Assessing changes in phytoplankton community structure in response to alewife introductions in lakes in Maine.

Christopher Bryant (New Media & Psychology):
Lab Media Consultant


Lab Affiliates

Dennis microscoping
Dennis Anderson (Research Technician):
Dennis conducts diatom and nutrient analyses, and assists with student projects and training.
Andrea Nurse (Research Associate):
Andrea assists with paleoecological research and conducts phytoplankton analyses.
Andrea on horseback returning from Rainbow Lake

Courtney Wigdahl (Postdoctoral Research Associate):
Courtney is working on a dataset from lakes in northern Wisconsin, examining the role of landscape position in lake response to climate change. Her dissertation research focused on assessing the influence of lake-specific ecological processes on diatom-based climate reconstructions from prairie saline lakes in the Great Plains (USA).