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Borns Symposium

The Harold W. Borns, Jr. Symposium is an annual event that features presentations and discussion by Climate Change Institute graduate students and faculty on emerging research and topics related to global environmental change.   


View Harold W. Borns Jr. Symposium Abstracts & Mini-papers (1993 - 2016)


2017 Harold W. Borns, Jr. Symposium

Save the Date!   April 13th & 14th, 2017 - Wells Conference Center, University of Maine

Borns Symposium Postcard (Pending)
Submission Guidelines (Pending)
MiniPaper Template (MS Word)
Borns Symposium Schedule (Pending)


LiveStreaming Info: (pending)

Link for Day 1

Link for Day 2

David Clayton Smith Lecture - (Pending)

UMaine Alumni Lecture - (Pending)




The Churchill Award for Outstanding Exploration (2017)
Harold W. Borns Symposium - Best Presentation Award (2017)
Harold W. Borns Symposium - Best Poster Award (2017)
Student Outstanding Service Award (2017)

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Professor David Clayton Smith: A Retrospective Poster


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