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Harold W Borns Symposium

The Harold W. Borns, Jr. Symposium is an annual event that features presentations and discussion by Climate Change Institute graduate students and faculty on emerging research and topics related to global environmental change.   


View Harold W. Borns Jr. Symposium Abstracts (1993 - 2014)


2015 Harold W. Borns, Jr. Symposium

Save the Date!   April 9 - 10, 2015 - Stodder Hall, University of Maine

2015 Borns Symposium Postcard
2015 Borns Symposium Schedule
2015 Submission Guidelines
2015 MiniPaper Template (MS Word)

David Clayton Smith Lecture

Kirk Maasch (Professor, School of Earth & Climate Science and the Climate Change Institute, University of Maine). Foot Steps of the Ancient Great Glacier of North America: A Long Lost Document of a Revolution in 19th Century Geological Theory


UMaine Alumni Lectures

Bonnie Newsom (Member of the Penobscot Nation & President, Nutalket Consulting; PhD candidate, Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst), (MS, Quaternary Studies, UMaine, 1999).  Pots Along the Penobscot: An Archaeological Case Study Exploring Human Agency, Identity, and Technological Choice

Alan Wanamaker (Assistant Professor, Iowa State University), (PhD Earth Sciences, UMaine, 2007).  A Millennium Long Reconstruction of Hydroclimate from Portugal (Iberian Peninsula) Derived from Speleothems: Implications on the Pervasiveness of the North Atlantic Oscillation during Medieval Times


2014 Harold W. Borns, Jr. Symposium

2014 Borns Symposium Postcard
2014 Borns Symposium Schedule
2014 Submission Guidelines
2014 MiniPaper Template (MS Word)

Live Streaming:  Please contact Betty Lee ( or Rebecca Addessi ( for live streaming directions.

David Clayton Smith Lecture - Pauleena MacDougall (Director, Maine Folklife Center)
UMaine Alumni Lectures - Heather McInnis (Senior Program Associate, Research Competitiveness Program, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Erich Osterberg (Department of Earth Sciences, Dartmouth College).

Award Winners

The Churchill Award for Outstanding Exploration (2014)
Walter Isle Beckwith
Charles I. Rodda
Harold W. Borns Symposium - Best Presentation Award (2014)
1st Place:  Katharine J. Ruskin
2nd Place:  Samuel L. Belknap III
3rd Place:  Jennifer R. Lennon
Student Outstanding Service Award (2014)
Seth W.Campbell

Conference Photos

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Professor David Clayton Smith: A Retrospective Poster

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