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Climate Change Institute

Graduate Courses

Refer to academic programs for degree requirements.

In addition all CCI graduate students are required to take:


INT 601 – Responsible Conduct of Research

All graduate students are required to take INT 601 during their first semester.

ERS 542 – Climate and the Earth System

Study of the physical environments of the Quaternary Period, with special emphasis on climate dynamics, ice-age theories, worldwide terrestrial and marine glacial stratigraphy, and paleoclimatology. One weekend field trip. Lec 2, Lab 2. Prerequisite: ERS541 or permission. Cr 3. Offered every second year.

INT 500 – Climate, Culture and the Biosphere

The climatic system, survey of atmospheric behavior and climatic change; meteorological measurements and analysis; formulation of physical principles governing weather and climate with selected applications to small and large scale phenomena.


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