The following are electronic copies of the orginal guide books. These are in PDF format; to download, simply click on the link. To view these files you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

71th Reunion, 2008. Glacial Geology of the Northern Hudson through Southern Champlain Lowlands.(3.2mb)

70th Reunion, 2007. Late Quaternary History of Northeastern New York and Adjacent Parts of Vermont and Quebec.(3mb)

69th Reunion, 2006. Glacial and Archaeological features of the Penobscot Lowland, Central Maine. (2.3mb)

67th Reunion, 2004. Late Wisconsinian Deglaciation of the Great Bend – Tunkhannock Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.Part 1 (3.2mb) Part 2 (1.7mb) Part 3 (4mb) Part 4 (1mb)

66th Reunion, 2003. Glacial, Late-Glacial and Postglacial History of Central Vermont. (2.8mb)

65th Reunion, 2002. Glacial Geology and Archaeology of the Northern White Mountains, New Hampshire. (1.8mb)

64th Reunion, 2001. Stratigraphy of the Pleistocene units on land and below the St. Lawrence Estuary, and deglaciation pattern in Charlevoix, Quebec. (4.9mb)

63rd Reunion, 2000. A New Drainage History for Glacial Lake Hitchcock: Varves, Landforms, and Stratigraphy. Part 1 (1.6mb) Part 2 (2.3mb) Part 3 (1.3mb) Part 4 (2.3mb)

62nd Reunion, 1999. Paleoperiglacial Landscapes of Central Pennsylvania. (1.6mb)

60th Reunion, 1997. Pliocene-Quaternary Geology of Northern New Jersey. (3mb)

59th Reunion, 1996. Deglaciation of Eastern Coastal Maine. (1.3mb)

58th Reunion, 1995. Late Wisconsinan Glacial Deposits in the Portland – Sebago Lake – Ossipee Valley Region, Southwestern Maine. (2.5mb)

57th Reunion, 1994. Late Wisconsinan Glacial and Periglacial Events in Eastern Pennsylvania. (5.2mb)

56th Reunion, 1993. Late Wisconsinan deglaciation styles of parts of the Contoocook, Souhegan, and Piscataquog drainage basins, New Hampshire. Note: this is a link to the USGS Publications Warehouse and viewing this guide will require a plug-in.

55th Reunion, 1992. The Late Glaciation of Eastern New York State: Glacial Tongues and Bergy Bits. (2.7mb)

54th Reunion, 1991. Late Wisconsin Glaciation of the Western Mohawk and West Canada Valleys of Central New York. ( 8.3mb)

52nd Reunion, 1989. Stratigraphy and Glacial History of The Quebec City Region. (2.5mb)

51st Reunion, 1988. Late Wisconsinan Deglaciation of the Genesee Valley, New York. (2.4mb)

45th Reunion, 1982 Drummondville-St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada. (2.5mb)

43rd Reunion, 1980 Late Wisconsin Stratigraphy of the Upper Cattaraugus Basin, Southwestern New York. (2.8mb)

41st Reunion, 1978 Quaternary Deposits and Soils of the Central Susquehanna Valley, Pennsylvania. (3.11mb)

35th Reunion, 1972. Ithaca, New York. (585kb)

34th Reunion, 1971. Lake George, New York. (39kb)

30th Reunion, 1967 Coastal moraine belt and glaciomarine deposits, Machias, Maine. (696kb)

28th Reunion 1965. Long Island, New York. (80kb)

26th Reunion 1963. St. Lawrence Valley, Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec. (1.2 mb)

25th Reunion, 1962/The Charleston Moraine and the retreat of the last ice sheet in southern Rhode Island. (803kb)

23rd Reunion, 1960. Glacial Geology of Cattaraugus County, New York. (2.5mb)

22nd Reunion, 1959. London / Lake Erie, Southwestern, Ontario. (1.2mb)

20th Reunion, 1957. International Rapids Section, St. Lawrence Power and Seaway Projects, New York. (1.1mb)

19th Reunion, 1956. Central St. Lawrence Lowland, Drummondville Region, Quebec. (10.6mb)

18th Reunion, 1955. St. Lawrence Lowland, Malone, New York. (274kb)

17th Reunion, 1954. Wellsboro – Elmira – Towanda Region, Pennsylvania – New York. (934kb)

16th Reunion, 1953. Ayer Quadrangle, Massachusetts. (8.3mb)

12th Reunion, 1949. New Jersey. (1.7mb)

11th Reunion, 1948. Toronto to Georgian Bay, Ontario. (1.2mb)

8th Reunion, 1941. Catskill Mountains, New York. (2.5mb)

6th Reunion, 1939. Northern New Jersey. (468kb)

2nd Reunion, 1935. New Haven to Hartford, Connecticut. (848kb)