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Professor Gordon Hamilton Memorial Video Tribute

A video tribute in memory of University of Maine Professor Gordon Hamilton, featuring photos and excerpts from remarks made at his private service Nov. 3. Dr. Hamilton, a University of Maine faculty member in the School of Earth and Climate Sciences, and a researcher with the Climate Change Institute, died in a field accident Oct. 22 while conducting research in Antarctica. He was 50 years old.


Westwind ice coring expedition to South Georgia Oct 2015 - Video


Extreme Weather:  Researchers look at the effects of a changing environment on Maine's marine waterways, croplands and municipalities

P. Mayewski, S. Birkel, D. Brady, M.J. Perry, M. Neary  - Video Transcript


40 Years of Climate Change Research Videos

Paul A. Mayewski  YouTube - 10/5/2012

Daniel Sandweiss YouTube - 4/4/2013

George Jacobson YouTube - 3/20/2013

Gordon Hamilton YouTube - 3/1/2013

Stephen Norton YouTube - 1/14/2013

Ivan Fernandez YouTube - 4/26/2013

Peter Koons YouTube - 6/7/2013

Joseph Kelley YouTube - 6/11/2013

James Fastook YouTube - 6/20/2013

Hal Borns YouTube 1/16/2014

Brian Olsen YouTube 1/27/2014


Additional Research Videos

Virtual Fieldwork in Greenland

Click here to view the Virtual Fieldwork Experience website


Science Nation

Click here to view the "Alaska Mountain Glaciers Retreating due to Climate Change"


Climate Change Research in Denali

Click here to view the “Denali Ice Core” video on YouTube- June 2013


Kuli South Georgia Expedition 

 YouTube - 10/2012


Gordon Hamilton - Greenland Ice Sheet Melting

YouTube -Sept 6, 2012

Climate change researcher Gordon Hamilton comments on this summer's record melting of the Greenland ice sheet


Bess Koffman - AGU "Lights, Camera, Science!" Student Video Competition Winner

YouTube - August 2012


Paul Mayewski - Rio+20 United Nations Conference

YouTube - June 2012


Garrand-Andes Expedition

YouTube - February 2011


How do ice cores allow researchers to look at global climate change?

YouTube - Mar 1, 2011


Karl Kreutz - Denali Ice

YouTube - Feb 10, 2010


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