Selected Research Projects

Alphabetically by Principal Investigator

Hal Borns
On the Trail of Maine's Ice Age

George Denton and Paul Mayewski
Abrupt Climate Change

Brenda Hall
Late-Glacial Chronology of Moraines in East Greenland

Late Quaternary History of Reedy Glacier, Antarctica

Radiocarbon Chronology of Glacier Fluctuations in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

Deglacial Chronology of the Northern Scott Coast (Antarctica)

Millennial-scale fluctuations of Dry Valleys lakes

An assessment of Variability in Southern Ocean 14C reservoir ages from paired 14C and U/Th dating of solitary corals

Gordon Hamilton
Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet using precision GPS measurements

Glaciology of Blue Ice in Antarctica

Terence Hughes, Roger LeB. Hooke, James Fastook
Studying Byrd Glacier as a rock-floored ice stream ending as a calvng ice shelf

Terence Hughes, James Fastook
Did the Laurentide Ice Sheet Control Abrupt Climate Change?

George L. Jacobson Jr., et al
Long records of paleoclimate from Florida

Joseph Kelly, Daniel Belknap
Land and Sea Level Change in Ireland

Ann C. Dieffenbacher-Krall, et al
Lake-level influences on chironomid-based reconstructions of paleotemperature

Karl Kreutz
A Glaciochemical Record of Natural and Anthropengic Environmental Change in the Northwestern North American Arctic

Karl Kreutz, Paul Mayewski, Steve Norton, Mark Wells
Acquisition of a high resolution ICP-MS for environmental research and training in Maine

Karl Kreutz, Hal Borns, Douglas Introne
Aquaculture-based calibration of the M. edulis isotope paleothermometer

Karl Kreutz and P.A. Mayewski
Dry Valleys Late Holocene Climate Variability

Paul Mayewski, Karl Kreutz, Greg Zielinski, Andrei Kurbatov
A New ice core from Mt. Logan

Paul A. Mayewski
Paleoclimate from Mt. Everest Ice Cores

United States Component of the International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition

Paul Roscoe
The Hunter-gatherer Spectrum in New Guinea

Daniel Sandweiss
Geoarchaeological Investigations of the Waynuna Site and the Alca Obsidian Source, Cotahuasi Valley, Peru

Quebrada Jaguay: Early South American Maritime Adaptations

Jasmine Saros
Climate-Induced Shifts in Alpine Diatom Communities: Linking Neoecological and Paleoecological Approaches to Incorporate Responses to Trophic Forcing

The Response of Lakes to Disturbance and Climate Change: Calibrating Sedimentary Records to Test the Landscape Position Concept

Mapping Critical Loads of Atmospheric N and S deposition in the Rocky Mountains

Interactive Effects of UV Radiation and Temperature on Pelagic Foodwebs

The Role of Dissolved Organic Material in Regulating Primary Production in Prairie Saline Lakes

Kristin D. Sobolik
DNA analysis of human paleofeces

Children's health in the prehistoric southwest

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