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C.J. McGee, I.J.; Fernandez, Norton, S.A., C.S. Stubbs 2007. Cd, Ni, Pb, and Zn Concentrations in Forest Vegetation and Soils in Maine. Water, Air, Soil Pollution 180 141-153.

B. Lake, Coolidge, K., Norton, S.A., Amirbahman, A. 2007. Factors contributing to the internal loading of phosphorus from anoxic sediments in six Maine, USA, lakes. Environmental Science and Technology 373 534-541.

J. Kopáček, Marešová, M., Hejzlar, J., Norton, S.A. 2007. Natural inactivation of phosphorus by aluminum in pre-industrial lake sediments. Limnology and Oceanography 52 1147-1155.

C.H. Rosfjord, K.E. Webster, Kahl, J.S., Norton, S.A., Fernandez, I.J., A. Herlihy 2007. Alteration of base cation biogeochemistry by widespread increases in chloride in northeastern U.S. lakes. Environmental Science and Technology.

Johnson, K.B., Haines, T.A., Kahl, J.S., Norton, S.A., Amirbahman, A., Sheehan, K.D. 2007. Controls on mercury and methylmercury deposition for two watersheds in Acadia National Park, Maine. Environmental Monitioring and Assessment 126(1-4): 55-67.

Kahl, J.S., S.J. Nelson, I. Fernandez, Haines, T., Norton, S.A., G.B. Wiersma, G. Jacobson Jr., Amirbahman, A., Johnson, K., Schauffler, M., L. Rustad, K. Tonnessen, R. Lent, M. Bank, J. Elvir, Eckhoff, J., H. Caron, P. Ruck, Parker, J., Campbell, J., D. Manski, R. Breen, K. Sheehan, Grygo, A. 2007. Watershed nitrogen and mercury geochemical fluxes integrate landscape factors in long-term research watersheds at Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 126 9-25.

Newnham, R.M., Vandergoes, M.J., Garnett, M.H., Lowe, J.J., Prior, C.A., Almond, P.C. 2007. Test of AMS 14C dating of pollen concentrates using tephrochronology. Journal of Quaternary Science 22(1): 37-51.

Norton, S.A., Wilson, T., Handley, M., Osterberg, E.C. 2007. Atmospheric deposition of cadmium in the northeastern USA. Applied Geochemisty.

Norton, S.A. 2007. Atmospheric Metal Pollutants – Archives, Methods, and History. Water, Air, Soil Poll. Focus.

Raup, B., Kääb, A., Kargel, J., Bishop, M.P., Hamilton, G.S., Lee, E., Rau, F., Paul, F., Soltesz, D., Singh Kalsa, S.J., Beedle, M., Helm, C. 2007. Remote Sensing and GIS technology in the Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) Project. Computers and Geoscience 33 104-125.

Schauffler, M., S.J. Nelson, Kahl, J.S., Jacobson Jr., G.L., Haines, T.A., W.A. Patterson, Johnson, K.B. 2007. Paleoecological Assessment of Watershed History in PRIMENet Watersheds at Acadia National Park, USA. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 126(1-3): 39-53.

Sneed, S.B., Hamilton, G.S. 2007. Evolution of melt pond volume on the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Geophysical Research Letters 34.

Stearns, L.A., Hamilton, G.S. 2007. Rapid volume loss from two East Greenland outlet glaciers quantified using repeat stereo satellite imagery. Geophysical Research Letters 34.

S.C. Fritz, Saros, J.E. 2006. Paleolimnology and Paleohydrology. In Encyclopedia of Hydrological Sciences, volume 3: Ecological and Hydrological Interactions. M.G. Anderson, editor-in-chief. Chichester\][ ]]]]]]]]. volume 3.

Y. Huang, B. Shuman, Y. Wang, T. Webb III, Grimm, E.C., Jacobson Jr., G.L. 2006. Climatic and environmental controls on the variation of C3 and C4 plant abundances in central Florida for the past 62,000 years. Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology 237 428-435.

J. Kopáček, Marešová, M., Norton, S.A., Porcal, P., Veselý, J. 2006. Photochemical source of metals for sediments. Environmental Science and Technology 40 4455-4459.

S.L. Cooke, C.E. Williamson, Saros, J.E. 2006. How do temperature, dissolved organicmatter and nutrients influence the response of Leptodiaptomus ashlandi to UV radiation in a subalpine lake?. Freshwater Biology 51 1827-1837.

Aizen, V.B., Aizen, E., Fujita, K., Nikitin, S.A., Kreutz, K.J., L.N. Takeuchi 2006. Stable-isotope time series and precipitation origin from firn-core and snow samples, Altai glaciers, Siberia. Journal of Glaciology 51(175):.

Bertler, N.A.N., Barrett, P.J., Mayewski, P.A., Sneed, S.B., Naish, T.R., Morgenstern, U. 2006. Solar forcing recorded by aerosol concentrations in coastal Antarctic glacier ice, McMurdo Dry Valleys. Annals of Glaciology 41 52-56.

Bertler, N., Mayewski, P.A., Frezzotti, M., Bertler, N., Van Ommen, T., Hamilton, G.S., Jacka, T.H., Welch, B., Frey, M., Dahe, Q., Ren, J., Simoes, J., Fily, M., Oerter, H., Nishio, F., Isaksson, E., Mulvaney, R., Holmlund, P., Lipenkov, V., Goodwin, I. 2006. The International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ITASE) – An Overview. Annals of Glaciology 41 180-185.