Climate Change and Maine
Examples of Contributions to the Understanding of Climate Change
(Response, Forcing, Impact, Policy, and Mitigation)
Directly Affecting Maine
Made By Researchers from Units
Throughout the University of Maine

Climate change is a critical concern at local to global scales and the University of Maine has a nationally and internationally recognized tradition of research related to past, present, and future climate change (response and forcing) and of the impacts, policy, and mitigation issues concerned with current and future climate change. This document offers a sampling of the contributions made by University researchers to the understanding of the broad range of climate change issues impacting the State of Maine and surrounding regions.

This document draws from a broad spectrum of researchers, academic departments, and research centers and is dedicated to the following aims:

  1. Inform other researchers, the public and State and Federal entities of the broad contributions and capabilities offered by University of Maine climate change researchers.
  2. Build further research and outreach capacity in the field of climate change at the University of Maine through the identification and utilization of existing strength and capacity.
  3. Provide a virtual home for the identification of University of Maine climate change research to which contributions can be added and as a consequence provide an evolving synthesis of University of Maine climate change research.

Examples of Climate Change Impacts and Monitoring Related to Maine

Examples of Climate Change Policy and Mitigation Related to Maine:

print (Stearns, Kaspari, Dixon)
  • Microbial fuel cells: converting waste to energy (MacRae)