Abrupt Climate Change - Ice cores from Patagonia
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Paul A. Mayewski, Andrei Kurbatov and Bjorn GrigholmUniversity of Maine
Mark Wumkes, Glacier Data, Fairbanks Alaska
Anja Wendt and Professor Gino Casassa,
CECS, Valdivia, Chile.
February 13, to April 10 of 2006

Paul Mayewski   Andrei Kurbatov   Bjorn Grigholm   Mark Wumkes   Anja Wendt   Jens

Journal entries: Feb. 20, Feb. 22, Feb. 27, March 4, March 10, March 13, March 15
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We are currently funded by NOAA to investigate the causes of abrupt climate change events over the Southern Hemisphere through the recovery and analysis of ice cores. Our companion research with the US National Science Foundation throughout Antarctica allows us to reconstruct the last 200-500 years of climate change over Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere. The extension of our research into the Cordillera Darwin is very important in this endeavour since it will allow us to extend climate reconstructions into South America. During the February to March of 2005 we conducted a preliminary reconnaissance trip in the Patagonian fjords. Last year's expedition allowed us to explore the region and pick sites for this year's coring.

While in Chile we will be working closely with our collaborators: Anja Wendt who is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Professor Gino Casassa, of CECS, Valdivia, Chile.

href="http://www.cecs.cl/web/cecs_index.php">Professor Gino Casassa, of CECS, Valdivia, Chile.