Abrupt Climate Change - Ice cores from Patagonia
March 13 , 2006

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Paul reports from the beach,

We are on the beach across channel from the glacier. We were able to have a helicopter pick us up from the glacier yesterday. The weather has certainly been a challenge, since this is one of the windiest places on earth. We were not able to get all of our equipment on the flight with us for weight reasons, so we will have to watch the weather carefully so we can go back and pick everything up. Right now we are waiting for the fishing boat to arrive.

We still have work to do to wrap up our field season, so we expect to spend a little time in Punta Arenas before we head back to Maine and for Mark, Alaska.

"Hello" to all of our family and friends.


March 15, 2006

Team on the beach with pilots

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Paul reports from Punta Arenas,

After an interesting trip on the fishing boat, we have arrived in Punta Arenas. We are all pretty tired and plan to rest up for a day or two. We will try to send another entry soon.

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