Abrupt Climate Change - Ice cores from Patagonia
February 27, 2006

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Bjorn reports from base camp,

We arrived on top of the glacier last Thursday and have been busy setting up our equipment and camp and scouting out a good drilling site.

However, we have been having a lot of storms so work is slow. We did manage to complete a radar survey of the drill site, so we know exactly where we want to set up. We still need to move our camp about 300 meters, but that will have to wait for the weather to clear.

We have been very fortunate to have help from home with our weather forecasts. We can't just turn on the "Weather Channel" to get "Your Local on the 8s" forecasts. Dan Dixon, a fellow graduate student at UMaine, checks the models and maps from the University of Wyoming and Ohio State every day and sends us a message of what to expect. It looks like we will have some more stormy weather for a few days anyway.

We are all well and eager to get started on drilling an ice core.

March 4, 2006




Paul reports from the Cordillera Darwin,

Everything is fine here and going pretty well.The work is progressing a bit more slowly than we would like. Right now we are still scheduled to pull out of the field on March 11th, if the weather is good. It could be a few days either way.

March 10, 2006







Paul reports from the Cordillera Darwin,

Everything is fine here, although we are certainly ready to be somewhere else. We have been watching the weather very closely trying to find a window for the helocopters to come and pick us up. Everytime we think we have some clear weather and contact the flight company, by the time the helicopters are ready to take off, the weather has moved back in.

We are getting used to the conditions here and everyone is in good spirits. Hopefully, the next time we report in, we will be off the ice and in a nice hotel room.

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