Expeditions 2006
The following are expeditions from 2006

Forked CAT US ITASE Traverse of East Antarctica, Paul Mayewski, Gordon Hamilton, Andrei Kurbatov, Daniel Dixon, Daniel Breton Nov. 1, 2006 to January 31, 2007.


midnight Melt Pond evolution and glacier acceleration: fast glacial flow in East Greenland Gordon Hamilton and Leigh Stearns June 22, to August 29, 2006.


lunching Meteorological Controls on Snow Accumulation and Chemistry in the St. Elias Mountains and the Implications for Ice Core Research in Regions of High Relief. Nate Vogan – July 6, to July 24th, 2006


maucallacta Archaeological and Glacial Geologic Investigations of Nevado Coropuna, PeruKurt Rademaker, Gordon Bromley, Louis Fortin and Claire Todd - May 15th to July 15th 2006.


Mt. Cook Developing a chronology of glacial advances in the Southern Alps, New Zealand from the LGM to present. Aaron Putnam, and Alice Doughty
January 19th to May 14th


Cordillera Darwin Chronology of Late Holocene Moraines, Cordillera Darwin. Brenda Hall and Charlie Porter, March 1st to May 1st, 2006.


on the beach Ice coring in the Patagonia Ice Fields. Paul A. Mayewski, Andrei Kurbatov,
Bjorn Grigholm, Mark Wumkes - February 13th to April 10th 2006.


Mount Erebus Abandoned southern elephant seal colonies as paleoclimate indicators in the Antarctic. Brenda Hall, Audrey Bamberg, Alice Doughty- January 1, to February 15, 2006.

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