Ice Cores from the Dry Valleys of Antarctica 2005
Karl Kreutz, Bruce Williamson, Mike Waskiewicz
Terry Gacke and Toby Burdet
October 10, 2004 to December 15, 2005

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November 09, 2005 Drilling
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Last night, our camp became very small indeed. Yesterday, Karl and Mike went to the Commonwealth Glacier to break down the poles and the weather station we set up there last season and to dig yet another snowpit. Because of the weather station and the poles and the fact that the snowpit at the Commonwealth was a two-meter pit rather than the one-meter pits at the Newall and the Meserve, Karl and Mike stayed overnight (intentionally) on the Commonwealth to get their work done. With Toby still in town getting healthy, that meant that yesterday and last night, only Terry and I remained on the Clark. As the numbers in camp decline, this site feels more and more remote!

We enjoyed double portions of halibut for dinner, however, and this made our situation quite comfortable. We were worried for a bit that Karl and Mike would not be able to get back, as the weather didn't look great, but that did not happen, as they arrived midday today. We are now back to four. While they were gone, Terry and I moved the drill and started our third core on the Clark; we now have more than 40 meters of core from this hole in the first two days of drilling. Our drilling is getting more and more successful with each day at this location.

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