Abrupt Climate Change - Ice cores from Patagonia

NOAA This project is supported by a grant from NOAA, Office of Global Programs

Paul Mayewski, Andrei Kurbatov, Dan Dixon,
Erich Osterberg, UMaine
Charlie Porter, Patagonia Research Foundation and UMaine

Mike Ellis and Scott Mason, Stonehaven Productions, Canada
February 20, 2005 to March 22, 2005

Date: Monday, March 14th 2005
Time: 22:00 pm
Location: Punta Arenas
Temperature: 12°C 54°F
Wind speed: 10 mph 8.6 knots
Wind chill: 10°C 51°F
Altitude: 1.5m
Weather: Rain and some sun

This morning Paul and Andrei left early to try and arrange gear shipping to the U.S. Unfortunately, we could not find a company that guaranteed sufficient speed and security through customs and consequently we will have to hand-carry everything back with us on the plane.

As a result of having to carry all our gear with us, we have to alter our reconnaissance plans; we will no longer explore the more northerly areas, but will instead rent a small room in our hotel for the gear and then explore the southern tip of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, the Torres Del Paine. We re-booked our plane tickets and then booked bus tickets to Puerto Natales for tomorrow, this will be the first step of our journey to the Torres Del Paine. We also had to book a camping spot in advance so that we will be allowed to pitch our tents when we arrive.

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