Reconnaissance Research in the Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan
Susan and Bjorn's participation in this project is supported by a generous grant from the
Dan and Betty Churchill Exploration Fund

Dr. Vladimir Aizen, University of Idaho
Graduate Students
Arzhan Surazakov and Dan Joswiak, UIdaho
Susan Kaspari and Bjorn Grigholm, UMaine
July 16, to August 6, 2005
team photo

Wed., August 3, 2005

Bjorn writes:
Dushanbe, Tajikistan

We flew into Dushanbe yesterday. We were worried we weren't going to get off the glacier yesterday due to a small storm the day before. Fortunately, the skies cleared and we left on schedule.

We collected two cores with two different drills, the first 12 m and the second 9 m. This was a good test of our drilling equipment under these conditions and a good chance for us to hone our skills as drillers. We will take this information and make some improvements to our equipment and work on our technique.

We processed both cores and currently our samples are being stored in our hotel refrigerators. We have one more day left in Dushanbe and then it's off to Munich. Hopefully, there will be no complications with our flight. The flight to Munich only leaves once a week. Interestingly enough, last night before I went to sleep I was watching the Russian news and I saw Gordon Hamilton talking about the Greenland glaciers. He was dubbed so I couldn't understand what he was saying. Pretty crazy.

I hope everything is going well. See you soon.

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