Mt. Geladandong Ice Cores
Susan Kaspari, and Bjorn Grigholm: UMaine
Qianggong Zhang, Shichang Kang, Feng Chen,
Qinghua Ye, and Zhiyuan Cong:
Joint Key Laboratory of Cryosphere and Environment, P. R. China
September 24 to November 15, 2005

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Oct. 12th  Oct. 17th  Oct. 20th

Susan reports from Geladandong:

Saturday and Sunday were hard days working to move all the equipment to the drill site. The snow is very soft up here, so it was a particularly hard job getting the generator in place. We set up camp and managed to begin drilling Sunday evening. We were able to retrieve about 12 meters of core before we stopped for the night.

We started drilling early this morning and so far have about 40 meters of very good core. As we were beginning our drilling, one of our colleagues did some surface radar here and it looks like we should be able to go down to about 90 meters. Shichang and I, a driller and several helpers will camp here at the drill site for 2 days. We hope to continue drilling day and night until we retrieve the full core. After 2 days we will switch with Bjorn and another crew, and go back to base camp to rest. In all we hope to get two good cores from this site, and if all goes well we should be done in about a week.

We are all doing well. There are a couple of feet of fresh snow here and tonight it is very clear with millions of stars visible. I will try to check in again early next week.

October 24th, 2005