Dynamics of the Blue Ice Regions in Antarctica
Andrei Kurbatov, Leigh Stearns,
Vandy Blue Spikes, Earth Science Agency, Stateline, NV
John Moore, University of Lapland
January 5, 2004 to February 20, 2004.

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Thursday January 8, 2004
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Andrei at snow school  John Moore - snow school  Blue, John and Leigh

Leigh writes from McMurdo:

We all made it to McMurdo after only one flight delay from Christchurch (a record for me!). The weather here has been spectacular - surprisingly warm and clear. Today it's 20°F, with hardly any wind - temperatures so warm that our Maine friends think we might as well be in Florida with lawn chairs and cocktails. The weather at our field sites promises to be much colder and windier.

John and Andrei spent the last two days at 'Happy Camper' School where they were taught how to put up a tent and light a stove. These courses are required for people who are 'new' to the ice. We got a big kick out of the fact that John had to attend, even though he's been to Antarctica several times with the Finnish Group and teaches similar snow survival courses in Scandinavia.

While John and Andrei were at snow school, Blue and I were busy getting gear, food and fuel together. We are due to head to Mt. Moulton on Monday, for about a week (weather permitting). Mt. Moulton has notoriuosly bad weather. The science group that's there now were delayed almost one month, waiting for good weather and flight logistics. We will fly by LC-130 to the base of Mt. Moulton where we'll set up camp for one night in order to acclimatize. After 24 hours, we will go up to the blue ice area via Twin Otter.




Blue in a truck John and Leigh John stretching Leigh with ship  Andrei with ship

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