Started off on the western side of the South Island where we were greeted in true West Coast style by 2 days of torrential rain. This halted our plans to fly into some sites so we concentrated on collecting samples from low altitude tarns that had road or foot access. As we worked our way down the West Coast to glacier country the rain eased but continued to persist enough to stop us from flying into the higher altitude sites in the mountains. As a result we spent two days walking to lowland tarns through thick, wet rainforest. Normally this is a nice experience but when you are walking along overgrown tracks carrying an inflatable boat and a pack full of coring gear the appeal of the forest seems to disappear. Finally the rain stopped enough to allow us to fly into the mountains and sample sites above 1200 m. However, this was short lived as 2 days later the clouds came in again so stopped all flying.

Climate Change Institute
Bryand Global Sciences
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469

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