Ice Cores from the Dry Valleys of Antarctica
Karl Kreutz, Bruce Williamson, Erich Osterberg
October 18, 2003 to December 10, 2003
Karl Kreutz Bruce Williamson Erich Osterberg

Antarctic map with Dry Valleys location The goals of this project are to collect and develop high-resolution ice core records from the Dry Valleys region of Antarctica, and provide interpretations of interannual to decadal-scale climate variability during the last 2000 years (late Holocene). In particular, we seek to test hypotheses related to ocean/atmosphere teleconnections (e.g., El Niño Southern Oscillation, Antarctic Oscillation) that may be responsible for major late Holocene climate events such as the Little Ice Age in the Southern Hemisphere. We plan to collect intermediate-length ice cores (100-200m) at four sites along transects in Taylor Valley and Wright Valley. For more details, see out Project Description.

Dry Valleys glacier

Journal entries: October 23, October 25, October 27, October 29, October 31, 2003
In the field: Day 1-5, Day 6-10, Day 11-15, Day 16-21

Wednesday December 3, 2003

Hi all - we're still in McMurdo - still lousy weather, although I was just outside and it has really finally broken. Our first sun in 5 days!

The first flights in from Christchurch since last week should arrive tomorrow (Thursday) and then we are scheduled to fly out on Friday right now - could be Saturday. We'll just keep waiting. In the meantime, we're getting work done, going slightly stir-crazy, watching some movies, eating, sleeping - all the essentials. Better to be stuck here at base than in the field!

I'll be in touch. Cheers, Erich

Monday December 1, 2003

No chance of our flight making it out of McMurdo today - it's Condition 1 - blizzard conditions with basically 0 visibility. We're not even supposed to leave the building. Weather is supposed to improve by tomorrow, so fingers crossed!

Thursday November 27, 2003

Erich reports from McMurdo

We made it back to McMurdo station safe and sound today after 20 days in the field. Everything went wonderfully - perhaps better than expected. Weather was generally good and we had no real problems. We completed all of the science that we hoped to and more, and we are out a little earlier than we thought we might be, so everyone is happy. What a wonderfull experience it was! Such beautiful places to work in. We should be in McMurdo for the next several days and then we'll head back to Christchurch, New Zealand sometime next week. I'll be in touch soon with more details and some pics. Time to relax for a bit now and enjoy the holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving!

k. I'll be in touch soon with more details and some pics. Time to relax for a bit now and enjoy the holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving!